Industrial Workers of the World
- Tampa Bay -

Statement of Support for Occupy ICE Tampa

July 21, 2018

The Tampa Bay General Membership Branch of the IWW expresses its support for the actions of Occupy ICE Tampa in their efforts to earn justice for those affected by the United States’ racist and classist immigration policies. This GMB acknowledges that the opposition of immigration to the United States is a result of this nation’s centuries-long history of capitalist imperialism, racism, and xenophobia. By funding oppressive foreign regimes, depleting natural resources, and exploiting the labor of other nations in the Americas, the United States has created the material conditions that make immigration a matter of survival.

As the struggle for a classless society continues, we must remember that within the proletarian class, some members require more targeted support than others. Currently, immigrant families are being torn apart with many individual members lost in the system. Detained immigrants are regularly subjected to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse while in the custody of ICE facilities. This is simply not acceptable.

As such, we feel it necessary to officially give our support for Occupy ICE Tampa—and other similar groups and movements—and their fight for substantial reforms of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, with the ultimate goal of its abolition.

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